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Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018Eric Ward on Search Engine Land has written what is probably one of the best posts on link building and search engine optimization that I have read in recent times. The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018. His philosophy is to remove link building from the SEO equation, particularly when it comes to content creation. To quote from the post:

Think about that statement then re-read it! Creating content simply to encourage links can be challenging. You may often read about ‘link bait’ posts, posts written specifically to gain links and aid search engine rankings. These can work at times, other times they totally bomb. If you take the approach of writing content because it is what your readers want, it will naturally draw links. Why? Because it is good!

Your content is a representation of your business. It is a representation of you. Content written for search engine optimization purposes can often read and sound artificial and wind up not drawing the links you were hoping for. Remove SEO from the equation and consider your content as marketing instead.

Write your content to draw in more readers. The more readers you acquire, and more importantly, the more visitors who return regularly, the better the chances of gaining links. The common sense component stands out. Write for your visitors, they will return, they will link. From an SEO perspective, you are gaining links without trying; with those links come an improved search ranking and more traffic from the search engines.

Take the reverse of that scenario. Write content purely for search engine optimization benefit; few appreciates it; fewer people link; you gain little or no benefit.

Premium WordPress Themes – SEO Now

An article by Patrick Altoft on Blogstorm seems to indicate that perhaps Google is placing less emphasis on keywords in anchor text and looking more for natural links.

The article raises some interesting points and if the situation is true, it could have a major bearing on search engine optimization and the way we try build links to out pages. I can understand his point where he feels that Google:

The argument he uses however, is fairly narrow using people’s names. The problem with anchor text in general is that it is used by both trusted sites trying to link intelligently to other sources, and by those who are trying to amass links with only keywords as anchors. Anchor text in itself does not imply trust, however, search engines, particularly Google, have enough information on sites to determine whether or not the link is to be trusted or not. Anchor text provides the contextual link that can then be associated with search queries.

I wrote a post not too long ago, the real power of anchor text, where we pointed out how Adobe ranked number one for ‘click here’. This is a common term associated with Adobe and not one that would be optimized by them. Checking today, they are still ranked number one for that term.

In a natural link building program, you are going to receive links in a variety of formats. There will be links to the domain name and root page. There will be links to page URL’s. There will also be links where ‘here’ is the anchor. Good search engine optimization practices should allow for a variety of anchors in links with the more powerful links carrying the best anchor possible.

If his observations are true, SEO will need to undergo a rapid change in procedures and many links will require re-evaluation. Until there is further evidence to the contrary, aim for a balance of anchor texts in your link building activities.

Premium WordPress Themes – Set Time

At present, one of the major search engine optimization factors in determining website authority, and subsequently search result placement, is the number and quality and relevant links coming in to the pages of your website. If you set aside a small amount of time each day you can steadily build and manage your links effectively. These five tasks will go a long way to making you task easier.

Your first task is to ensure that all current links are active and going to the right places – this includes internal links. If there are any dead links, check them and repair or remove them altogether. Every day check on the number of links on any one page and keep them under control.
Spend some time researching your niche and looking for link opportunities. The best links come from sites that complement yours, not compete. If you sell cleaning detergents, look at sites that sell brooms, mops or even buckets and other related cleaning accessories. Contact webmasters and ask for a link to your pages. Be prepare to exchange links so make sure the site is one that you would be happy linking too.
Finally, while not directly link related, check all aspects of your site to ensure everything is functioning correctly. If you send out link requests you need to be sure your site presents itself well if they decide to check you out. Naturally, you want your site working properly when you receive visitors.

If you set aside a set time each day to cover these tasks the whole process will run smoothly. It is very easy to get caught up responding to emails as they arrive. This takes you away from other equally important parts of your online business. SEO is an important aspect to building traffic to your website: it should not dominate your day.

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Best Premium WordPress Themes For 2018There’s a nasty rumor going around that article marketing is dead. But is it? Best Premium WordPress Themes For 2018.

I don’t think so. In fact, I think article marketing is still one of the best ways to build links over time. Of course, like all things, article marketing and the way it is done has changed and will continue to change. That doesn’t mean it is dead.

The purpose for relevant and useful article marketing is to build inbound links to your website and drive traffic to you most important pages. You can do that through article marketing if you approach it with the right frame of mind. Stay away from anything that looks like spam and focus on delivering real value to your readers and potential customers. Long live article marketing.

Premium WordPress Themes – Link Exchanges

A lot of people are still hooked on exchanging links. You point to me, I point to you, does it work?

Honestly, those links are not as powerful for search engine optimization purposes as one-way links. If I point to you and we are in the same niche category then that will count far more for you than a reciprocal link will for either of us. Of course, it doesn’t help me as the out-linking website much at all. But I wouldn’t say that link exchanges have no benefit at all.

Sometimes your best bet is to forego the linking benefits in lieu of a greater benefit – targeted traffic. If your link partner is a highly respected authority site in your niche then those link exchanges could be sources of great new visitors for you. New traffic is good. Especially if it is targeted traffic in high numbers. So don’t get the idea that link exchanges are worthless. They do provide some value…but my advice is only exchange links with companies that you know, trust and conduct business with.

Premium WordPress Themes – Building Links

Rand Fishkin is teaching people how to buy links again. In actuality, some of his suggestions aren’t half bad. You can actually build links using those methods. One that I really like is Link Buying Method #8, what he calls blog incubation.

With blog incubation, the idea is to set up other bloggers with a blog of their own. Develop the blog template, give them the power to blog on their favorite topics, provide them the training, and require them to put a link to your blog on theirs. Of course, you’ll have to share the revenue with them, or let them keep it all, but you get the idea. They link to you and you are virtually paying them with your time, knowledge, and skills, training them to be effective bloggers. There is no limit to the number of bloggers that you can develop that way.

How Social Networking Builds Inbound Links

Inbound links are a great source of link building pride. When you get new inbound links those translate into link popularity and higher search rankings. Typically, social networking is not thought of as link building activity. That’s because the social networks themselves do not offer link juice apart from your profile. But you should think of your social networking as link building too.

Chances are your networking friends have websites. As you get to know more webmasters within your niche you will develop relationships and boost each other in ways unimaginable. One of those ways is through link partnerships. There is no limit to how social networking can benefit you in your web business. Relationships can lead to partnerships, new inbound links, guest blogging positions, referral networking, and all sorts of other arrangements. When you build solid relationships with people online they will benefit you, but you must be willing to give of yourself selflessly for the benefit of others. When you do, the Law of Reciprocity returns that in your direction. Social networking can lead to an increase in inbound links through indirect marketing.

Premium WordPress Themes – Get Links

Link building has long been both a feared and a glorified activity for webmasters. Almost everyone knows that links are important, but few webmasters know how to go about getting them inexpensively and without effort. I know of one way that will almost guarantee that you get inbound links to your website, but only if you do it right. And it’s not hard to do it right.

Starting a blog and writing to it every day has more potential to help you build inbound links than anything else you do online. Many webmasters concentrate on creating link bait, but link bait takes time, money, and resources to create. A blog takes commitment and persistence. As for time, you can write a decent blog post in 30 minutes. It takes a little money to start one – not a lot. And all you need is the software, which is free.

The importance of a blog lies in writing to it every day. Write just every once in awhile and you diminish your chances for getting inbound links. The more you write to it the more likely you are to be linked to by someone else. The key is to make your blog unique. Write about interesting topics and that in itself will get other bloggers to link to you. Put your blog on your website and your URL will be the recipient of inbound links. Over time, that will be a huge benefit. It’s the easiest, least expensive way I know to really build good inbound links.

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The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018Do you know the difference between anchor text and a call to action? A call to action is any phrase that you use on your website or blog to get a user to do something. You can ask for a sale, a newsletter subscription, or just simply say “click here”. That’s a call to action. The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2018.

Anchor text is using keywords within a hypertext link to assist the search engines in valuing that link for search marketing purposes. But can it serve as a call to action?

The short answer is, yes. In fact, using anchor text as a call to action is a powerful linking technique because not only do you get the search engine marketing benefits that go with using the anchor text, but if the link is an effective call to action then you’ll also increase your sales and marketing power. It will lead to increased conversions.

An example of a good link with a strong call to action and well-placed anchor text is right here below:

Click here to earn more about our SEO Service

Notice the phrase “SEO Service”. That’s my anchor text. But “learn more about SEO” could just as well be the anchor text. It’s a phrase that some people, albeit fewer, might use to search for information online. And it’s a link. The call to action is “click here”. It’s clear what I want my reader to do. If they are interested in link building they should click the link to learn how to do it. Anyone interested in learning about link building is promised a benefit. And that’s how you use anchor text as a call to action.

Premium WordPress Themes – Nofollow Attribute

Here’s another interesting new angle on a product that may be a good one, but since I haven’t used it I can’t vouch for it. But the interesting thing about this article is a startling statistic:

What’s this mean? Most of the people using nofollow as an attribute are doing it for PageRank sculpting reasons. They’re not selling links at all, which is the original reason Google introduced nofollow so that link sellers could sell links and not be penalized for selling PageRank. Instead, it’s being used differently. Three quick questions:

  • Does this mean link sellers are still selling PageRank?
  • Is the PageRank sculpting practice all that effective for those webmasters who are using it?
  • Will Google kill the nofollow attribute?

If you’ve been reading this blog the last few days then you know that Google’s Matt Cutts has publicly stated that PageRank sculpting is not all that effective. Is that just Googlespeak for “don’t do it guys”? Maybe Google really doesn’t like PageRank sculpting and their just trying to find a nice way of discouraging webmasters from doing it. Nevertheless, it appears their efforts aren’t working. People are doing it anyway.

That leads to the question, Will Google kill it? Will nofollow be trashed as a failed experiment? Would webmasters using PageRank do better in the long run by not using it? What do you think? Is Google on the verge of pissing off a lot of big site owners again with another change to its algorithms or will this just blow over as another development in Web history?

Premium WordPress Themes – Build Authority

This blog post may be about PageRank sculpting, but it’s really about something else: The value of outbound linking.

Many site owners believe they should just link to themselves internally. That’s not very smart, actually. Outbound linking really helps you in a number of ways.

  • If done smartly, it can increase your PageRank
  • Again, if done smartly, your human visitors will see you as someone who is an authority who is willing to link to other sites if they have value
  • You’ll be seen by search engine bots and humans as a high value site
  • Your site becomes more social and you’ll get more participation from others
  • Outbound links can sometimes leave an automatic trackback on another website, which can deliver additional traffic to your site

Reserving all of your links to internal pages may seem like a smart thing to do, but it’s really not. The linking strategy is one that ecompasses a variety of internal and outbound links that shows your site visitors that you are willing to share useful and valuable high authority resources with them.

Premium WordPress Themes – Cool Ideas

When it comes to link building there are a lot of ideas floating around. Most of them you’ve probably heard of:

  • Article marketing
  • Directory submissions
  • Link baiting
  • Online publicity
  • Social media marketing
  • Give away a blog theme
  • Throw a contest

You get the picture. They’re all over the place. And these ideas have been rehashed over and over again. But I’ve got 5 link building methods that I’ll mention below that don’t get mentioned very often and they are really cool and unique to implement. Try them out!

  • Start a microblog – Seriously, I’m not talking about Twitter or Tumblr here. I’m talking about a standalone miniature blog. WordPress theme and all. For $10 a year you can build a little blog site, throw an article or two on it and link it back to your website then totally forget about it. When that site is 10 years old you’ll have one awesome inbound link.
  • Post in .gov and .edu forums – It’s no secret that .gov and .edu domain names are really valuable. The links in particular are really valuable. I mean, really valuable.
  • Be a guest blogger – This one is starting to pick up steam, but it’s not quite to the point of being real popular yet. Blog for another blog in your niche. You’ll get a link.
  • Join Rateitall – Post a review, get rated, and rate others’ reviews. Get links.
  • Start a petition – Encourage people in your niche to sign it.

There are plenty more ways to build links. In fact, Carl Ocab has 69 link building ideas right here. Check them out.

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WordPress Premium Themes


Wordpress Premium ThemesIf you are new to webmastering you may have heard of a bounce rate. But what is it? There really are two ways to define bounce rate. Every wordpress premium themes are not only beautifully designed for your business.

  • Percentage of Visitors Who See One Page – Some analytics software define bounce rate as the percentage of people who only view one page on your website. They may stay on that one page for a couple of minutes, but they don’t go any further. They read a little bit and move on. You don’t have enough mojo to keep them around longer, therefore they “bounce” off to somewhere else.
  • Percentage Of Visitors Who Leave Your Site After A Short Period Of Time – Another way to measure bounce rate is by the length of time visitors spend on your site. Most analytics software define this amount of time as five seconds or less. Some use a minute. But whatever the length of time is, it isn’t long enough to say that the visitor has a real interest in your content.

Ideally, you want your site visitors to stick around long enough to order something. If you run a retail site, you want them to checkout. If you sell services, you want them to purchase, or come back later and make a purchase. But you want them to be genuinely interested in what you have to offer. If your site is an affiliate site then you want your visitors to purchase from your affiliates. To do that, they’ve got to stick around long enough to be genuinely interested in your content.

The best way to ensure that people stick around is to give them what they want. Understand what your target market wants and provide it for them. That means making the absolute most out of your content. But it also means marketing your website to the search engines effectively. Your bounce rate is an important part of analytics and can tell you a great deal about your traffic and the quality of visitors you are getting.

WordPress Premium Themes – Webmaster Central

The Google Webmaster Central Blog posted a review of its developments from last year just two days ago. It was a good list. If I were to say which development is the most important I’d have to go with the Video Sitemaps announcement last month. As more and more people go online and more people start using higher bandwidth connections, more marketers will start using video. This will become a very important tool for a lot of viral video marketers in 2008. It also has huge potential to be a long-lasting tool that will serve webmasters for many years to come, and will only improve along the way.

Other notable developments for Google Webmaster Central last year include:

  • Moved out of beta
  • Extended support for link queries
  • Introduction of the Message Center
  • Robots.txt file analyzer
  • Geographic targeting feature

I highly recommend that you subscribe to the Google Webmaster Central Blog. It’s one of the most important tools for webmasters anywhere online.

WordPress Premium Themes – Blogging Platform

Not everyone uses WordPress for blogging and if current predictions from none other than Aaron Wall of SEO Book, “In the next 2 or 3 years, Drupal will be the CMS of choice.” These are echoes of what Brain Turner of Web Pro News said a couple of months ago when he said to, keep an eye out on Drupal as a potential CMS for the future.” I must confess that before reading Aaron Wall’s article, I had not looked into Drupal much, but his write up got me interested and I have to say, it looks good.

Turner makes some very interesting observations in his article which I feel worthy of repeating.
On integrating websites:

I think it’s especially important to leave plenty of room to manoeuvre with video, because if you can make & integrate that into a website, you have become a TV channel – and that means potential syndication in the still embryonic but rapidly expanding IPTV market.

On WordPress:

My problem as a webmaster is that while WordPress suits blogs and small sites fine, it simply isn’t geared to community participation – featured author and commentator profile pages are not a default part of the set-up, plus WordPress has never really integrated community forums.

I love WordPress as a blogging platform, but I do tend to agree that it is somewhat limited. Nucleus CMS is a little better, but still very much blog oriented. Joomla is an alternative and while it has some very good points to it, the blogging platform is just plain nasty.

On Joomla:

(Note on Joomla: I’ve never liked the structure or coding – seems a very bloated, over-crowded attempt to create a CMS that somehow seems to struggle with basic functionality. Having been asked to look at SEO issues with Joomla a few times, I’ve developed an complete dislike of the platform – so much so that when a charity recently approached me looking for free SEO work on their CMS, I advised they would do better if I rebuilt it in WordPress for them.)

I tend to take a less harsh view on Joomla, it has some very good points to it. It is easy to install and pretty intuitive, but it is a little bloated and requires quite a bit of customization. In my examination of Drupal, I have to say it looks very nice indeed. There are a large number of high quality free themes and looks like it will be ready to go straight out of the box. That is a refreshing change. Keep an eye on Drupal, it looks great and I think that no small number of people are going to be thinking the same thing. I would say it is going to start taking off over 2008. I don’t see any established WordPress blogs making the switch. WordPress covers basic blogging needs and can be enhanced enough with plug-ins to keep doing what it is required to do.

WordPress Premium Themes – Metrics for Your Blogs

There are some great metrics plug-ins for popular blog scripts. Metrics is a great way to give you further insight into what is going on in your blog, especially if you are not the only person writing. Metrics programs will give you all sorts of useful information relating to your site. If you want to know how many words your writers have written, or how well they converse with their audience, check the metrics. Metrics can help you to identify your key writers.

As a general rule, if you are running a blog as a full time enterprise and have more than one writer, then you should definitely consider metrics. Even if you are the only writer, metrics might be worth taking a look at. If nothing else it gives you feedback of what you are doing on your site.

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Premium WordPress Themes


Premium WordPress ThemesEvery time you update the web pages on your website you should test your new updates in the most popular Internet browsers. Some new webmasters make the mistake of thinking that if you test for Internet Explorer then that is enough. That isn’t true. Mozilla Firefox use is gaining a lot of ground so if you don’t test for Firefox usage then you’ll miss out on a lot of good website visitors if your web pages don’t look the way you want them to. Even if you test for Firefox and IE you’ll still miss out on valuable traffic as there are other browsers that get quite a bit of usage. Best premium wordpress themes for your business. The following list of browsers should be tested with your web pages and this is the minimum:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • Flock

These are currently the most popular web browsers on the market and while the smaller browsers do not enjoy huge usage, there are enough users that you should test your web pages for them. IE and Firefox you have likely heard of. Safari is used by the majority of Mac users although there is now a version for Windows. Chrome is Google’s new browser that involves the aggregation of features from several other browsers. Flock is popular among social media users so I wouldn’t leave that one out. And Opera has a few unique features that make it attractive to a small minority of Internet users. Be sure to test your web page updates in these browsers before uploading them to your website.

HTML With APIs: Where W3C Standards Are Moving

I’ve had a chance to look over some of the proposed though changing specifications for a work in progress: HTML 5.0. I’m impressed with some of those proposed changes and you’ll soon see why.

The W3C is a consortium of volunteers who participate in discussions about ways to improve web development standards. These volunteers look at the code involved and suggest standards that all web masters can implement to make it easier for the browser market and developer market to work together for common standards. They started to propose new changes to HTML, current version HTML 4.0, back in 2004 and have been working on development since.

After looking over some of the proposed changes at this stage of development, I’ve found three aspects of HTML 5, assuming these end up in the final version, that I quite like:

  • Proposed web page structure
  • Proposed new formset attributes
  • The use of APIs

First, proposed web page structure, if implemented, will have your page elements defined as article, header, footer, nav, and so on. This will make it a lot easier for new webmasters to create the sections for their web pages and much easier to identify as well for the browser. This will streamline the code and the coding. I like it.

New formset features simply allow you to require that certain form boxes to be filled in, which will benefit webmasters and search engine optimization experts to a great degree.

But the use of APIs for HTML 5 is the part that really gets me excited. These APIs will allow for easier embedding of audio and video contact, allow webmasters to add drag and drop features to their web pages, enabling of off-line web applications, allowances for user notifications, and these are just to name a few. These APIs will allow all webmasters to enter into Web 2.0 without having to rely on third-party applications as often. You can essentially create a widget within your web page rather than installing a third-party created widget. Nice.

While these proposed changes have me excited about the way that HTML 5 is coming along, we are still far from approval. If you try to implement these changes now you will likely see your web pages not working this time next year. Changes will continue.

If you’d like to stay abreast of moving HTML 5 standards, you can join the mailing list. Read more about HTML 5 and its development at the W3C website.

How To Check The Number Of Site Pages You Have Indexed At The Search Engines

From time to time you may want to check your search engine saturation. That’s a fancy name for the number of web pages you have indexed at each of the search engines. Each of the search engines has a quick, easy way to check how pages are indexed for any website on the web. Not only can you check the stats for your own website, but you can check the stats for any other website online – even your competition.

Go to any of the three major search engines and type in site: followed by your site’s URL. Make sure that you include the http: in the URL. What you’ll get in return is a list of web page on that domain that are indexed by that particular search engine.

At Google, on the right above your results, you’ll see something like 1-10 of 208. Each page of Google results shows 10 results. The final number (208) is the total number of pages you have indexed at Google. You’ll see something similar at both Yahoo! and MSN Live. In Yahoo!, it will be on the left above the results and beside the number of pages indexed you’ll see a little box labeled “inlinks”. That tells you how many inbound links point the that domain. MSN Live will list your results the same way Google does it, such as 1-10 of 99 results. It appears above your results on the left side of the page.

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Premium WordPress Themes – StudioPress Themes


Premium WordPress ThemesWhen you are looking for more ideas to expand or improve your efforts in affiliate marketing, look to your affiliates. Their opinions are beneficial to the marketing team and company. You just need to ask and provide an easy way for them to participate. Premium WordPress Themes – StudioPress and responsive wp templates for you.

One way is to hold a video meeting with your affiliates. The session will allow them to be open, honest and express their ideas. Open a whiteboard and give everyone drawing tools so they can all write on the board at the same time, putting their ideas in writing. This option is also good for those who have no audio, or no headset, which causes echo when they use speakers.

Opening the audio for everyone also helps, providing everyone without headsets stays on mute until they have input. Having the audio open will allow the attendees to voice their opinions and discuss ideas openly. It will also encourage building relationships amongst themselves.

Video conferencing is the absolute best way to get people together, next to being there in person.

The second best way to get ideas from your affiliates, staff and board members is by using video email. While there is no immediate conversation, the videos are recorded and sent through email. That allows members to express themselves without having to type it all. It also allows them to show their ideas on a whiteboard, or a creation they made can be shown visually instead of trying to describe it.

Combining the two, using video email to invite members to a video meeting is by far the best way to communicate your intentions. Letting them know any boundaries up front will keep everyone on topic.

While there are a growing number of companies who offer video conferencing, not all provide video email. One I found that does a great job combining the two is WowWe, who recently hired a team of programmers from Hollywood to expand their video streaming offers.

Premium WordPress Themes – Handling Feedback and Complaints Using Video Email

Testimonials and feedback forms are needed with small and large businesses. Every business needs feedback from their clients and customers. They tell you how you are doing, what information or training they need and how you can continue helping them better.

Complaints happen. That is one of the natural facts in life. How you handle them determines whether you will keep your business and personal relationships strong, or drive others away.

The best way to handle complaints is in person. When that is not possible, the next best thing is the telephone. While not as personal as being face to face, using the telephone has been our way of life for many years. What if there was something you want to say than you want to tell an answering service or machine?

Video calling is available on a limited selection of smart phones. Those who do not have that type of phone and even those who do, have the option of recording a video to send, save and share with others if desired.

  • What if for some reason the person you sent it to did not receive it, or accidentally deleted it and wants to see it again? You simply select it from your library and send it again. Try that with a video call. Once you hang up the phone that conversation is done, not available ever again.
  • Video email solves that problem and many others. Yes it is a one-way communication, but you will like it much better than voice mail or typing long letters. The other person will not only hear your message, they will see your expressions to get the full meaning. They will have a much better understanding and respect for you taking the time to respond personally.
  • Of course there are many other uses, such as: Invitations; meeting schedules; parents sending their children greetings while away; children checking in from their friends homes letting you know they arrived safely at wherever they went; thanking a prospective employer for the interview; inviting someone to a video meeting… let your imagination run wild with video email uses.

Now try video email free and see how it will improve your life. Then incorporate video conferencing into the mix and you will have the services needed to reach all your contacts personally.

Premium WordPress Themes – How Website Managers Select Banner Ads for Your Page or Blog

When adding banners to your web page or blog, you need to consider what type of banner you will display. There are several choices, ranging from static JPEG, animated GIF, transparent PNG and eye-catching flash.

When using banner ads, you have to decide what the focus of your page is – the content or the ads. Most often people will read the content and then look back at an advertisement. If your content is long enough to make people scroll down and read the rest, changes that they scroll back up to click the ad are slim.

Flash banners slow the page loading because their file sizes are generally 3-5 time larger than JPG images and their content is usually obtained from another site such as an advertising supplier.

Animated GIF images would be an improvement over JPG to grab attention, although their file sizes vary depending on several factors. The biggest factor in keeping GIF sizes smaller is omitting high resolution photos. GIF compression options are not designed to compress photos. Use 256 color graphics or lower, line art, cartoon characters and as few frames as possible, while keeping the animation smooth. Using an image compression tool will help reduce file size by decreasing the number of colors in the banner.

JPG banners are there and non-intrusive. GIF banners are animated to divert attention from the content to the banner. This type of banner usually gets a higher click-through than static JPG banners.

PNG is Portable Network Graphics. Although it does not include animation, it can contain transparency so the banner can blend into your background color. Depending on the banner content, the file size may be smaller than JPG, or larger if it contains high resolution photos.

When streaming video is reduced in size, it too can serve as an advertising option. It will usually not look very good as a banner, unless it is recorded for that purpose. Come to think of it, I just made one of those to track the responses. Adding a link to the video banner will be tricky, but there is a way and I found it.

Click the Play button on this banner to see how a video banner ad can also work in your advertising. The button is on the lower left and is pretty small. I could set it to play automatically but that might annoy some people.

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