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Why 3d viz is entering business ?

3d visualisering The world of 3d viz has for many years been the world of Hollywood movies and computer games. That has certainly changed now, 3d visualisations (3d visualisering) are now being used in almost every production business, for development and to give previews of new products. There is also the fact that innovation and new products are developed with CAD tools were the design process is happening in a virtual 3d world. This direct approach has given a big boost to creativity and the speed of innovation in a long range of businesses. In some cases an idea can be developed and tested in a virtual reality in just minutes after conception, and one can doom it important or worthless almost immediately. And this holds not only for product developers but also for designers. Colours and shapes can be developed and previewed at a fraction of the time it would take to make a conceptual model.

Houses, boats and bolts

If it’s a house, a boat or a bolt, the architect or designer has almost certainly developed it using a 3d software tool. Architects are using software tool that let them draw a 3d model of a house directly, they can place pipes, wires in the walls before even the ground work has been done. They can detect conflicts and problems, and do calculations directly in their Archicad software. The process os mostly the same designing boats. Small boats and big ships, their presence always start in virtual space! This way they can plan better, they can calculate how the boat is in the water, how small waves affect the energy consumption and how big waves effect the energy consumption. This is stuff that previously, and still to some degree, was tested in laboratories. Now a simulation can do much of the work for us, and they all are based on the 3d models of big and small boat!

Visual presentations

For innovators the ability to show a product pre existence is off course of extreme importance. But it’s also a challenge, big words and fancy business plans is no longer enough, you have to provide virtual models, and 3d visualisations to show clients and investors exactly what your concept holds. It’s a challenge, but it also simplifies the job of an investor, or buyer. Do your job well and the chance of a sale doubles. In some markets, like the real estate market, 3d visualisations entered the scene a few years ago, and now real estate developers cant sell a single unit without tempting 3d visuals. This has also shown to make clients, or in this case homebuyers, much more picky because they understand the product better. The wife understand how the floor plan of the house better with good images, one can easier see that the your dream sofa will or will not fit in the room. This helps the client and also present as challenge for the developer, or perhaps a blessing for those focusing on quality!

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