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Best Premium WordPress Themes For 2018There’s a nasty rumor going around that article marketing is dead. But is it? Best Premium WordPress Themes For 2018.

I don’t think so. In fact, I think article marketing is still one of the best ways to build links over time. Of course, like all things, article marketing and the way it is done has changed and will continue to change. That doesn’t mean it is dead.

The purpose for relevant and useful article marketing is to build inbound links to your website and drive traffic to you most important pages. You can do that through article marketing if you approach it with the right frame of mind. Stay away from anything that looks like spam and focus on delivering real value to your readers and potential customers. Long live article marketing.

Premium WordPress Themes – Link Exchanges

A lot of people are still hooked on exchanging links. You point to me, I point to you, does it work?

Honestly, those links are not as powerful for search engine optimization purposes as one-way links. If I point to you and we are in the same niche category then that will count far more for you than a reciprocal link will for either of us. Of course, it doesn’t help me as the out-linking website much at all. But I wouldn’t say that link exchanges have no benefit at all.

Sometimes your best bet is to forego the linking benefits in lieu of a greater benefit – targeted traffic. If your link partner is a highly respected authority site in your niche then those link exchanges could be sources of great new visitors for you. New traffic is good. Especially if it is targeted traffic in high numbers. So don’t get the idea that link exchanges are worthless. They do provide some value…but my advice is only exchange links with companies that you know, trust and conduct business with.

Premium WordPress Themes – Building Links

Rand Fishkin is teaching people how to buy links again. In actuality, some of his suggestions aren’t half bad. You can actually build links using those methods. One that I really like is Link Buying Method #8, what he calls blog incubation.

With blog incubation, the idea is to set up other bloggers with a blog of their own. Develop the blog template, give them the power to blog on their favorite topics, provide them the training, and require them to put a link to your blog on theirs. Of course, you’ll have to share the revenue with them, or let them keep it all, but you get the idea. They link to you and you are virtually paying them with your time, knowledge, and skills, training them to be effective bloggers. There is no limit to the number of bloggers that you can develop that way.

How Social Networking Builds Inbound Links

Inbound links are a great source of link building pride. When you get new inbound links those translate into link popularity and higher search rankings. Typically, social networking is not thought of as link building activity. That’s because the social networks themselves do not offer link juice apart from your profile. But you should think of your social networking as link building too.

Chances are your networking friends have websites. As you get to know more webmasters within your niche you will develop relationships and boost each other in ways unimaginable. One of those ways is through link partnerships. There is no limit to how social networking can benefit you in your web business. Relationships can lead to partnerships, new inbound links, guest blogging positions, referral networking, and all sorts of other arrangements. When you build solid relationships with people online they will benefit you, but you must be willing to give of yourself selflessly for the benefit of others. When you do, the Law of Reciprocity returns that in your direction. Social networking can lead to an increase in inbound links through indirect marketing.

Premium WordPress Themes – Get Links

Link building has long been both a feared and a glorified activity for webmasters. Almost everyone knows that links are important, but few webmasters know how to go about getting them inexpensively and without effort. I know of one way that will almost guarantee that you get inbound links to your website, but only if you do it right. And it’s not hard to do it right.

Starting a blog and writing to it every day has more potential to help you build inbound links than anything else you do online. Many webmasters concentrate on creating link bait, but link bait takes time, money, and resources to create. A blog takes commitment and persistence. As for time, you can write a decent blog post in 30 minutes. It takes a little money to start one – not a lot. And all you need is the software, which is free.

The importance of a blog lies in writing to it every day. Write just every once in awhile and you diminish your chances for getting inbound links. The more you write to it the more likely you are to be linked to by someone else. The key is to make your blog unique. Write about interesting topics and that in itself will get other bloggers to link to you. Put your blog on your website and your URL will be the recipient of inbound links. Over time, that will be a huge benefit. It’s the easiest, least expensive way I know to really build good inbound links.