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Premium WordPress ThemesWhen you are looking for more ideas to expand or improve your efforts in affiliate marketing, look to your affiliates. Their opinions are beneficial to the marketing team and company. You just need to ask and provide an easy way for them to participate. Premium WordPress Themes – StudioPress and responsive wp templates for you.

One way is to hold a video meeting with your affiliates. The session will allow them to be open, honest and express their ideas. Open a whiteboard and give everyone drawing tools so they can all write on the board at the same time, putting their ideas in writing. This option is also good for those who have no audio, or no headset, which causes echo when they use speakers.

Opening the audio for everyone also helps, providing everyone without headsets stays on mute until they have input. Having the audio open will allow the attendees to voice their opinions and discuss ideas openly. It will also encourage building relationships amongst themselves.

Video conferencing is the absolute best way to get people together, next to being there in person.

The second best way to get ideas from your affiliates, staff and board members is by using video email. While there is no immediate conversation, the videos are recorded and sent through email. That allows members to express themselves without having to type it all. It also allows them to show their ideas on a whiteboard, or a creation they made can be shown visually instead of trying to describe it.

Combining the two, using video email to invite members to a video meeting is by far the best way to communicate your intentions. Letting them know any boundaries up front will keep everyone on topic.

While there are a growing number of companies who offer video conferencing, not all provide video email. One I found that does a great job combining the two is WowWe, who recently hired a team of programmers from Hollywood to expand their video streaming offers.

Premium WordPress Themes – Handling Feedback and Complaints Using Video Email

Testimonials and feedback forms are needed with small and large businesses. Every business needs feedback from their clients and customers. They tell you how you are doing, what information or training they need and how you can continue helping them better.

Complaints happen. That is one of the natural facts in life. How you handle them determines whether you will keep your business and personal relationships strong, or drive others away.

The best way to handle complaints is in person. When that is not possible, the next best thing is the telephone. While not as personal as being face to face, using the telephone has been our way of life for many years. What if there was something you want to say than you want to tell an answering service or machine?

Video calling is available on a limited selection of smart phones. Those who do not have that type of phone and even those who do, have the option of recording a video to send, save and share with others if desired.

  • What if for some reason the person you sent it to did not receive it, or accidentally deleted it and wants to see it again? You simply select it from your library and send it again. Try that with a video call. Once you hang up the phone that conversation is done, not available ever again.
  • Video email solves that problem and many others. Yes it is a one-way communication, but you will like it much better than voice mail or typing long letters. The other person will not only hear your message, they will see your expressions to get the full meaning. They will have a much better understanding and respect for you taking the time to respond personally.
  • Of course there are many other uses, such as: Invitations; meeting schedules; parents sending their children greetings while away; children checking in from their friends homes letting you know they arrived safely at wherever they went; thanking a prospective employer for the interview; inviting someone to a video meeting… let your imagination run wild with video email uses.

Now try video email free and see how it will improve your life. Then incorporate video conferencing into the mix and you will have the services needed to reach all your contacts personally.

Premium WordPress Themes – How Website Managers Select Banner Ads for Your Page or Blog

When adding banners to your web page or blog, you need to consider what type of banner you will display. There are several choices, ranging from static JPEG, animated GIF, transparent PNG and eye-catching flash.

When using banner ads, you have to decide what the focus of your page is – the content or the ads. Most often people will read the content and then look back at an advertisement. If your content is long enough to make people scroll down and read the rest, changes that they scroll back up to click the ad are slim.

Flash banners slow the page loading because their file sizes are generally 3-5 time larger than JPG images and their content is usually obtained from another site such as an advertising supplier.

Animated GIF images would be an improvement over JPG to grab attention, although their file sizes vary depending on several factors. The biggest factor in keeping GIF sizes smaller is omitting high resolution photos. GIF compression options are not designed to compress photos. Use 256 color graphics or lower, line art, cartoon characters and as few frames as possible, while keeping the animation smooth. Using an image compression tool will help reduce file size by decreasing the number of colors in the banner.

JPG banners are there and non-intrusive. GIF banners are animated to divert attention from the content to the banner. This type of banner usually gets a higher click-through than static JPG banners.

PNG is Portable Network Graphics. Although it does not include animation, it can contain transparency so the banner can blend into your background color. Depending on the banner content, the file size may be smaller than JPG, or larger if it contains high resolution photos.

When streaming video is reduced in size, it too can serve as an advertising option. It will usually not look very good as a banner, unless it is recorded for that purpose. Come to think of it, I just made one of those to track the responses. Adding a link to the video banner will be tricky, but there is a way and I found it.

Click the Play button on this banner to see how a video banner ad can also work in your advertising. The button is on the lower left and is pretty small. I could set it to play automatically but that might annoy some people.